The elevator certificate is processed through the elevator inspector. We at Xpert Elevator Services or your currant Elevator Maintenance Company are responsible for operating the elevator while the inspector inspects for any violations. If no violations are found the inspector sends the inspection report to the State for you to receive your Certificate, as long as you have paid your State fee’s, you should receive it in a couple Months after the inspection.

If you have violations both with your current maintenance company and the building, the following needs to be addressed before you will receive your Certificate:

1) If you have paid your state fees, 2) corrected all building issues which are the owners responsibility any other violations that are the your elevator maintenance companies responsibilities, they are to correct them or send a proposal if that part of the violation is not in your contract.  After all violations have been completed then a re-inspection is called in to the inspector.  Once you have passed the inspector will send the “passed” inspection report to the State and as long as you have paid your fee’s your should receive your Certificate within two (2) Months depending on the State.

One year from the previous inspection date. And/or August 1st of every year.

A17.3 is a state of Florida fire service code. Click here for the more information about ASME A17.3

The state codes that govern elevators are contained in Florida Statutes A17.1 and include all aspects of elevator, escalator and moving walkway safety. Your elevator must comply with the state codes.
Click here for the 2012 Florida Elevator Safety Act

Xpert Elevator Services will schedule an appointment with you to survey your elevator equipment, determine how it is not meeting current codes, and create a proposal to perform all necessary work. Please call or email your contact information so that we may schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Xpert Elevator Services provides each owner with a list of owner responsibilities during new construction or modernization. The attached document outlines what is necessary in the machine room, hoistway and pit and in general before elevator installation can begin.

Xpert Elevator Service was Established in 2007 by Dean Beckmeyer, who has been in the elevator business since 1992. Beckmeyer is a certified elevator mechanic who has worked on the staff of Otis Elevator, Miami Elevator and ThyssenKrupp before establishing his own company.